• How is CAQ different from other platforms?
    CA QUIZZERS (CAQ) conducts subject wise Quizzes, Group Discussions, Short Answer Questions and Descriptive Exams online for each level in three main professional courses i.e CA, CMA & CS with innovative design of professional curriculum.
  • How do Students get to know about their performance in exams?
    Students will receive the score & result through E-mail & SMS for every exam they take.
  • How do I create my account?
    Click on link and create your account by giving details asked.
    As a web user, direct your mouse to ‘Register’ on the top right corner on any page. You can also click link https://wincaq.com/register to create the Account.
    You can create an account using:
    Your email
    Follow the directions for whatever option you select. Click on 'Register' and you're good to go.
  • What if I forgot the password?
    • Simply click on Login
    • Select 'Forgot Password?' after which you'll be asked to enter your Mobile number
    • Type in your mobile number and we will send a reset code to your Mobile & E-mail ID. Verify with the sent code and set new password.


  • Where should I start the Examinatoin?
    Once you get registered, login to your account and select the course of your choice available under the icon “Quizzes”. Follow the directions post which you will be taken to the Quiz start page.
  • Is there any time limit for the quiz?
    Yes. We have set the pre-defined time limit for each quiz based on the level of questions asked.
  • What if, Student is unable to complete the exam within the specified duration?
    For Multiple Choice Questions and Fill in the Blanks, Exam will be auto submitted once the time specified lapses even if the student doesn’t submit the examination.
  • Will there be only one examination for each chapter
    There exists multiple levels of exams for the same chapter/ topic. Student can take exam of his/ her choice.
  • Do Student need to make payment for all the papers at a once?
    Absolutely No. Students can take the exams chapter wise of their choice/ willingness by making payment of fees which is specified only for that particular chapter.
  • What is price range for examinations?
    Price ranges from minimum of Rs. 10/- to a maximum of Rs. 150/-.


  • Which all payment methods are available?
    We’re all in for going cashless! (and we hope you are, too). Hence, we accept payments through:
    • Net Banking
    • Debit/Credit Cards
    • BHIM UPI (Phonepe/ Google Pay)
    • Wallets
    • International Cards
  • I was not able to make the payment, what should I do?
    You may check the network connectivity at your place. If network is fine, just re-try after few minutes. Still, if you are not able to proceed, you may reach out to us on the given contact numbers.
  • Do I need to make payment every time I take the Quiz?
    No. You can recharge your wallet with the amount of your choice. As and when you start the examination, money will be deducted from your wallet, if your wallet has sufficient balance.
  • Where can I see the total examination that I have taken till now?
    You can browse the data in profile page- my quizzes.


  • Is there a limit to the number of courses I can access under CAQ?
    No. Student can access any course that is available on the website.
  • Do you also provide solutions for the questions?
    Yes. Answers to the questions asked in the Quiz will be displayed as soon as the exam is submitted. However, answers will be displayed only for a short duration i.e say 30-80 seconds. Hence, you are requested to verify answers quickly.
  • Is there any limit to number of exams taken in that particular chapter?
    No. Students can take exams of different levels ‘n’ number of times until they are confident on that chapter.


  • Will there be any cash prizes/ awards for the students?
    Yes. Visit https://wincaq.com/cashrewards for details on cash rewards.
  • Will students be notified on cash rewards?
    Yes. Eligible list of students will be notified through Email/ SMS. Further, Cash Rewards will be directly credited to Student’s Wallet and student will have an option to withdraw the money from the wallet.